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The Beginners Class

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In this class you will learn everything you need to know to start building your skill level as a beginner! This is targeted towards anyone who is looking to start learning how to decorate biscuits, and knows little to nothing about how to start, or for those who just want to refine their skills. You will receive a full list of all the tools & supplies needed to complete this class, as well as links to find where to purchase. Specific cutters are not required for this class, simple shapes such as squares, rectangles & circles are all that is needed. If you don't have these, they can be purchased or you can hand cut. Detailed in depth written descriptions, tips and tricks, recipes & over 1 hour of walk through video tutorials are all included. There is no time limit on the class so you can work at a relaxed pace and complete whenever it is convenient to you & your schedule. You will need to create an account on my website to access your course. If you would like to purchase this class for someone else, you will need to either create an account with their email, or simply create your own account & give them your log in details. This class is non refundable. Enjoy!!





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